Monday, October 4, 2010

New Flashes

Yesterday I went to NYC to pick up my new flashes and transmitters and go out to skate the new Astoria Plaza. Now I can take skateboard photos like I have wanted to but didn't because I didn't have flashes to take them. BUT...first I just have to learn how to use these things. I guess its all trial and error. I tried them out at at a spot in Queens, where Gary did some noseblunt slides...check it out.

**Side note that Astoria Park is fun, thanks 5BORO!

Now to the photos...
Luckily Gary is good at noseblunts, because he did a few with no problems. LF!

Its hard to think of a good way to shoot here without copying someone Else's shit, and I also felt it was awkward to photograph for some reason. This angle I liked.


...and again.

Then I tried this angle and for whatever reason liked it better.

Then got this shot, and I think this one is my favorite. A damn good end to a fun day!

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