Monday, December 6, 2010


My friend Kyle and I drove my 97 Ford Ranger pickup truck out to California. The total distance traveled was 4334 miles. We drove through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California. That is only 15 of the 50 states. That only means one thing...motorcycle trip across more of America soon. Here are my photos...I am trying to put them in the most accurate order but didn't document every little detail of our trip. I just took photos of what interested me. Hope you enjoy them.

Georgia Peach.

Kyle at the Mountain Park in Atlanta.

Thanks to my cousin Andrew for letting us stay at his house!

Camp out in Alabama.

Sunrise in Alabama.


Worth the wake up.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay.

Birds and sun, real original.

Kyle trying to be an H&M model.




This made me laugh.



Nasa Stennis Space Center. This is where they tested rockets for the Apollo missions.

The other main rocket test facility. They said you could hear it 200 miles away.


Nice welds, NASA.

A little technology.

The Nomad.

Jupiter Rocket.

"Put me in a rocket!"

Bridges to New Orleans.

There is a 20 mile bridge out of New Orleans.

Kyle found his Street, he was psyched.

Skated under the bridge in Baton Rouge.

Kyle frontside pivot.

Dave Watney let us stay at his place in Lafayette Louisiana, thanks man! This is his dog. Can't remember his name though.

He has a ridiculously good old magazine collection.

Andy Mack.

Andy's house, thanks for letting us stay!

Gat' Damn Texas Edition!

Tunnel. Actually where he is standing is where Omar Salazar grinded around.

Train dodge.

Sunrise by Andy's house.

More sunrise.

The valleys of Austin.


The road from Austin to Albequerqe was long.


Kyle getting some photos.

Brushfire killed these little cacti.

Let them truckers roll, 10-4!

Bought this softail in Alabama, then stopped in Tx to photgraph it.

More windmills.

Tough stance.

After like 400 miles on the same highway I decided to take a break in the middle of the highway.

Indian School Ditch in Albequerque, everyone should skate this once in their life. It's like a 3 mile long downhill ditch.

Good old 'Querqe.

Climbed up the mountains up past the Indian School Ditch.

Albequerque, NM.

Another photo of Albequerque.


Kyle liked it.

Hangin on the mountain.

Wierd rock face up in the mountains.

I liked it.

The Albequerque mountains at sunset.

Arizona cacti. I found out that Arizona is the only state that has the really tall cactus, the ones that I vision when I think of a cactus.

The road from Arizona to the Grand Canyon.



I guess I like to take photos like this.

You can't really photograph how nuts this place is.

Kinda Grand.

Kyle on the safe side.

I stood in front of a drop down Canyon bacground. Or my exposure was off.

Kyle was psyched on it! We called it anxiety canyon because you could die at anytime haha.



Gettin tricks at the canyon.

Grand Canyon.

Happy Kyle.

Uh huh.

Its kind of deep.

Tourists act crazy sometimes.

I want to find a photo of someone on this rock.

World explorer? Geronimo?

Blurry drive from the Canyon to Vegas.

Hoover Dam at night is pretty sick.


And another.

Our view from the hotel room in Vegas.


More Vegas.

People were jumpin' off the hotel.


Look at that halfpipe back there.

Ranger reflection in the wheel.

Some highway views.

This is a sign you will see a sick sunset.


One of my favorite photos I have taken, this is in California.


The mighty Ranger. 4000+ miles with no problems!

That same sunset.


California hills.


The sunset falls on the Ranger, after this we went to our new house. Amazing trip completed. Thanks to EVERYONE that helped me and Kyle out along this trip or let us stay at their place.

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  1. i was waiting for these to go up. sick photos. looks like a killer trip. i know you guys have been out there for awhile now but best of luck on the left coast.


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