Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hangtown National 5/21

I haven't posted in a while because...A) I hate blogging. B) My internet sucks which makes reason A exist. C) I have been shooting photos just not posting them, selfish huh? Well here are some photos of Hangtown from two weeks ago.

Chad Reed doesn't care this year.

Andrew Short's bike blew up I think both motos.

Brett Metcalf was doin his thang.

Alessi ran the fastest lap of the day by over a second and then rang his bell and knocked himself clean out for the 2nd time in one month. Bummer for him.

Blake Baggett was on fire.

Eli Tomac rode well. No repeat win though.


Unknown shredder.


CR22 hangin with the kiddies...

...and signin' the titties. All in a days work.

Legendary Payton has time for autographs.

Villapotos whip.

Mike Brown showed up, cool to see that.


The season has begun.

And the 34 year old gets the first wholeshot of the year and leads a few laps.

Malcolm Stewart shredding the first lap, fell backwards though.

Marvin Musquin looked good, and passed 34 riders in the 2nd moto.

Jason Anderson

Our new track friends. Drank too many beers to remember your names!!

Show em.

This guy was the best. Hooked us up with some bangin food!

Wes met a lady.

Then met other ladies!!

This one was for his ex girlfriend.

And so was this one. Haha!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Argyll Mx 5/1/11

I went to Dixon, Ca last Sunday to check out the local CMC spring series. After getting swarmed by bees I went out to shoot photos. Good times, and nice people all around. Check em' out...