Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few photos from LA and Oakland Supercross.

Here are a few photos from LA and Oakland in no particular order without witty comments.

Stewart and Villopoto. LA.

Travis Baker. LA.

Marvin Musquin. LA.

James and Chad. LA.

James and Dungey. LA.

Villopoto. LA.

Dungey. LA.

Zach Osbourne. Oakland.

Zach Osbourne. Oakland.

Ryan Dungey. Oakland.

Chad Reed. Oakland.

James Stewart. Oakland.

Eli Tomac. Oakland.

Dean Wilson. Oakland.
Villopoto. Oakland.

Chad Reed. Opening ceremonies, Oakland.

Friday, January 27, 2012

LA Supercross Celebrity Time

Last weekend at LA Supercross it was my job to shoot celebrities that Feld and Monster had invited for the event. Everyone seemed to enjoy the supercross, and didn't mind me snapping papparazi shots the whole time. Hey I was just doing what I was told to do...

Nathan Kress of iCarly.

Tim Kang of The Mentalist and Rambo fame.

Tim Kang enjoyed it. Super cool dude, he rides streetbikes at track days and is big into the GP's.


Not sure who this was...

This is Mark Paul Gosselaar AKA Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell. Also a very cool dude, his brother works for Chad Reeds team...Mike Gosselaar! The girl is Juliette and is involved with supercross in some way.

Mark Paul Gosselaar and the fam.

The dude in the hoody is James Lesure from NBC's Las Vegas fame. I have not seen the show or heard of him, but he was cool and seemed to be psyched on it.


Some little girl yelled "I LOVE YOUUUUU!!" to him and when he told her he loved her back she just about died of over excitement. Weird.

Throwin' up signs of stoke.

Not sure who these people are, I was just clicking away.

Posse up!

Hope one of these makes it on some TMZ type shit.

James Lesure is down. Reppin' the rock.


James Lesure on the podium!!

Barry Weiss of Storage Wars fame. This dude is crazy, as you already know.

Barry Weiss and the auctioneer guy from Storage Wars getting interviewed for the big screen by Miss Supercross, Dianna Dahlgren.

Well that was interesting. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LA Supercross...

LA Supercross has come and gone...I was there shooting photos for http://www.insidermx.com/ as well as Feld motorsports covering their celebrity appearences. Look for a post on it soon...Until then:

Opening ceremonies, LA Supercross 2012.

For links on race coverage from insider go to:

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

408mx Sunday Practice 1/15

So I went down to 408mx today to ride my new JALOPPY yz250. Five laps into practice it stopped running...piston shot/cylinder wall shot/head mashed. Sweet deal, I guess I bought a project bike. So I got right into taking some photos instead of my original plan to ride...then shoot photos. The track was honestly amazing, Ralph has a really good program running over here. It showed by the turnout.

Check out some flicks...if you were there and you want to know if I got your pic shoot me an e-mail: mikeemeryphoto@yahoo.com

Also check out www.408mx.com for track info.

Thanks for looking.